Free £5 Tesco Gift Card & £500 Gift Card Entry!

Here’s a cool freebie for all of you UK shoppers! Survey Savers are doing a small giveaway and offering a free £5 Tesco voucher for every participant. The voucher is completely free and you can claim it after signing up with Survey Savers! By entering into the giveaway you are also giving yourself a chance to win the main prize which is a £500 Tesco voucher.

£5 Off at Tesco!

Survey Savers have also done a few giveaway and sample offers in the past with other supermarkets such as ASDA and Sainsburys. Their offers are mainly available to residents of the Tesco £5 Voucher!UK, and the vouchers are redeemable in all stores located in the UK & Northern Ireland. Winners are notified by email if they are selected, but you can claim the £5 voucher right after you finish signing up, which is a really nice freebie on it’s own!

You can get your £5 voucher from here!