What is Sample Shack?

Sample Shack is simply a collection of sample and freebie offers that we have found online. These offers are available to anyone as long as they meet the offer requirements (which are often country-restricted). Most of our samples are available to USA, UK, and Canadian residents, however we do have plenty of international samples too! A good way to describe Sample Shack is a free sample search engine, as it is a convenient way of searching through a number of different samples available to you.

Sample Shack is not responsible for sending the freebies out, we are merely sharing the offers we have found online so that you can get some of your own. Occasionally we have contact with the publishers of the samples, so if you do have any questions about an offer we may be able to relay them onto the brand for you.

We hope you find our website useful, and that you find some awesome samples while you’re here with us!IlovefreesamplesLogo


Sample Shack