Bunning $2000 Giftcard – Sweepstake Giveaway

Hey everyone! I have just came across another offer for you Australian hunters out there. Unfortunately this one isn’t a real freebie(sorry!), it’s a sweepstake giveaway from Aussie Homeware which you can enter for a chance to win the main prize. The giveaway is for a $2,000 Bunnings gift card which is only redeemable in Australia.

bunningsgiftcardI’m not a fan of sweepstakes personally as they take a few weeks to announce winners, but they are still a great way to have a chance at winning more freebies! Aussie Homeware’s giveaways are always free to enter into, so if you’re in Australia and planning a future home or furniture shop, this is quite a fun opportunity! Who knows, as they always say “it could be you!”. Although I’m not quite sure what I’d buy if I had $2,000 to spend at bunnings! 😛

Hope you enjoy! You can sign yourself up for this giveaway by clicking here!