Loréal Advanced Haircare Samples

Hey guys! Here’s a new sample from Loréal Paris over at their samples section. You can request either the Volume Filler or Color Vibrancy samples, I’m not sure if you are allowed to sign up for both, sorry! These are only available to residents of the U.S. volume-filler

To request your sample, simply head over to the Loréal Paris website by clicking here. From there you can select which sample you’d like under the “What is your main hair concern?” section in the top right. You have to sign up to Loréal Paris to request their samples, but it’s pretty simple to do so and you can choose to opt out of their emails after signing up.


Hope you enjoy these samples! Not sure how many of these are available, so grab yours while you have time. Estimated delivery time is 2 weeks, but there’s always a chance they’ll come sooner!

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